Browser Games


Browser games, being at the same time part of the video games world and the WWW one, are a subject to a specific, mixed type of QA testing. In order to achieve a perfect user experience, an competent tester should mix different QA methods, approaching the product at the same time as a game, and as a website.


The specific approach to the QA Browser Games testing


When considering the video games approach, browser games QA depends especially on FUNCTIONALITY TESTS. These can be:

SMOKE TESTS - Allow to make sure that the software and all of it’s basic function run correctly.

SANITY TESTS - Focus on the most recently introduced changes to the game’s code.

REGRESSION TESTS - Retest the parts of the code that haven not been changed in the latest updates.

As the browser games are often patched and new versions of them are released very often, sanity and regression tests are especially important to this branch of software. Without them, you may end up with a patch that does more harm than good, and introduces more issues than it solves.

QA COMPATIBILITY TESTS should also be considered when launching a browser game. Although being a web-based product, some older computers may not handle it well, meaning a minimum and recommended hardware specification should be mentioned to the customers. Browsers themselves may be another issue, as a great number of people use out-of-date versions of them that do not support the most modern web technology.

Finally, games that are accessible both through the website and a mobile app, may require additional testing, determining if the two versions are compatible with each other.


Browser Games testing with Com-Pass


The Com-Pass team has an experience in both video games and WWW industry, allowing us to test your software using an extensive number of verified methods. Our offer is always tailored specifically to the needs of each client, so you are welcome to reach out to us at