Business cards are no longer the most important visual representation of your company-websites are. A well-thought one can make the customer instantly buy the product you offer.


How WWW QA works?


But creating a perfect website is not only about choosing the perfect layout and getting the best copywriter around. It is also about double-checking if your WWW is bug-free and won’t confuse the customers.

The quality assurance website tests can include:

FUNCTIONALITY TESTS - Using different methods to determine if the site runs correctly. Especially important if your WWW is more interactive, e.g. includes a web app.

COMPATIBILITY TESTS - Allowing to make sure that the website is able to run on different browsers and systems. This includes smartphones, tablets, and other mobiles. Tester should pay major attention to running tests on Internet Explorer, a browser still used by over 10 percent of internet users .

USER EXPERIENCE (UX) TESTS - Comparing the ideas of the design team and how they were introduced by the developers. Testers can also re-check if the design plans themselves were compatible with what users expect from the website.

SEO TESTS - Researching how well your website is positioned in Google searches and how the results can be improved. Remember: having a great-looking website won’t be enough to gather audience if it’s not backed with proper SEO optimisation.


How we work on WWW QA?


We can run most of the WWW QA tests thanks to our experience with similar projects and extensive hardware base. At Com-Pass, we also run advanced tests of web-based games and apps, which you can read more about HERE .

If you would like to learn more about our quality assurance for websites offer, send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.