VR Customer Service


Quality assurance may be usually related to running software or hardware tests, but double- checking the condition of your customer service is similarly important. Especially when it comes to such a recent technology as VR, which may confuse a number of customers. Your customer service team must be prepared even to answer such simple questions as How to run the app? or How to navigate in the game?


Automising and perfecting your VR customer service


The newest trend that may help you in dealing with this issue, is to create an AI-based chatbot that can answer the most common questions of your customer. The bot can be regularly updated and fed with new answers. Thanks to being a software, this kind of a customer service solution is a subject to standard QA testing methods, such as FUNCTIONAL TESTING and EXPLORATORY TESTING.

But the VR customer service QA applies also to a more traditional approach to solving issues of the clients. The tests can cover:

The evaluation of your E-MAIL COMMUNICATION. This includes providing a feedback on what can be done to automise the process and make it more efficient.
Reviewing the AUDIO AND VIDEO RECORDINGS of your employees talks with the customers. It can help you find the weak spots in your company’s communication with the clients and think of ways to reduce the negative effects of them.

SECRETLY CONTACTING YOUR CLIENT DEPARTMENT. An external QA team can also approach your customer service pretending to be a customer, and assess how well your employees answer to the client’s expectations.


The Com-Pass to enhancing your VR customer service


At Com-Pass, we understand how important customer service is for a VR-related company. Thanks to our experience in running QA tests of different products, we are able to approach both automised and traditional ways of communicating with the clients.

If you would like your customer service to be enhanced with our feedback, feel free to send us an e- mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.