VR goggles are bringing user’s immersion in the virtual world into another dimension. Thanks to these new devices, the customer is looking directly at the product, without any traditional interferences, such as the edges of the computer screen. Because of this, it is incredibly important to ascertain that nothing can get in a way of this full virtual reality immersion.


Creating the perfect VR User Experience


User experience is greatly based on what the customer is expecting from the app. To receive the best pre-launch feedback regarding this aspect of your software, it is highly recommended to invest into QA tests done by an outside company. Thanks to their fresh perspective on the product, they can deliver comments similar to the ones a standard user would.

Using the data provided by an external QA team, you can measure:

How well your developers team implemented the IDEAS of the designers.

How RESPONSIVE and EASY TO UNDERSTAND by users your software is.

What elements of the current code can be an obstacle to a FULL VIRTUAL REALITY IMMERSION.

If your game includes any TOO DYNAMIC ELEMENTS that may cause extensive dizziness of the player who uses VR goggles.

These are only a few main points that the QA VR testers are aware of when experimenting with your software. When it comes to testing user experience aspects of the virtual reality app or game, it is especially important to focus on the EXPLORATORY TESTS. This specific method allows the QA team members to approach the software from the point of view of an experienced, curious customer, allowing to find bugs and other UX-related issues in the deepest recesses of the programme.


Com-Pass User Experience tests


The members of our Com-Pass team have an extensive experience in VR software, thanks to a number of both indie and triple A projects successfully finished. Our tests are run on two devices most commonly used by the PC users: Oculus Rift and HTC Vive (which recently has become available also for macOS users).

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