QA Virtual Reality (VR)

The virtual reality trend is currently booming, thanks to a number of different devices available on the market, as well as more and more VR-enhanced content (e.g. video games and movies). However, as this is still a relatively new industry, special care is needed when it comes to quality assurance tests.


How to QA test your VR product


The virtual reality industry is still being researched by a great number of companies. Lots of possible uses of the VR headsets have still not even been conceptualised, so it seems that the greatest challenges are yet to come.

So far, however, the most popular VR-based products include:

VIDEO GAMES - Video games made the virtual reality boom happen, thanks to devices like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. And although the VR industry is not anymore only about fun and entertainment, gamers are still one of the most important customers on the market. 

MOVIES - Thanks to the lowering prices of the 360 cameras, VR movie industry is also rising. As software plays a great role in anything related to virtual reality, 360 videos are also often a subjectof QA tests. 

APPS - Both mobile and desktop apps are more and more often making a use of the virtual reality. This happens partly because of the low-budget cardboard headsets which turn smartphones into VR screens.


Meet our QA Virtual Reality experts 


As CNBC reports , although the virtual reality market is growing incredibly fast, it is lacking experts experienced in the technology. If you are having trouble finding suitable people for your QA VR tests, fear no more, as our team at Com-Pass is all you need. We have a deep experience in both VR and video games industry, gained working on both indie and triple A projects.

Com-Pass can provide you with a various types of QA VR tests, including functionality and compatibility tests. We can work with any kind of software you offer, as well as virtual reality-enhanced movies.

If you feel Com-Pass might be a good choice for you, feel free to contact us at