QA User Experience


User experience (UX) is an area of constant conflicts between designers and developers. To make sure that this fight will not affect the quality of your product, running quality assurance tests is recommended.


How QA affects your UX?


What designers plan for your product and what is finally implemented by the developers may vary in a number of ways. Some elements of your app may require finding a common ground between the design and IT teams. Too much fancy elements in the user interface (UI), for example, can slow down your code.

QA User Experience allow you to assess if those common grounds found during the development process, did not interfere with what you had previously planned for your software. These quality assurance tests can assess:

If the MAJOR REQUIREMENTS of the design team has been successfully implemented into the final version of the app. 

If the DESIGNERS’ GUIDELINES have not made the app end up being slow and bugged. 

If the programmes’s final version is RESPONSIVE and EASY TO UNDERSTAND by users. 

If the BASIC PRINCIPLES of your design plan respond well to the USERS’ EXPECTATIONS.


QA User Experience tests at Com-Pass


The Com-Pass team will happily run user experience quality assurance tests, following your guidelines, or recommending our own plan to make your app better. Our offer is open-ended, allowing us to tailor it directly to your needs. We can either run full QA user experience tests or focus on specific elements your design team is not feeling sure about.

Whether you app or game is ready to launch, or it is still being in development, our team is ready to help you out.

In order to discuss your needs and expectations, drop us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.