What is QA Functionality?

Functionality tests are the core of every QA process. They evaluate if your app works correctly and what kind of problem a user may encounter while using it.


Why functionality tests are important?

QA functionality tests are focused on using the app itself. They may be run during each stage of the development process, but they are incredibly important especially just before the product is released. Functionality tests allow you to find out what bugs are still hidden in the app’s code and what other issues your future user may have. If you want to make sure that your product makes a great first impression on your clients, functionality testing is what you need to remember about.

As one of the main aims of the functionality tests is to imitate the behaviour of a standardised customer, it is helpful to make a use of an external company, even if you do have your own QA team. Thanks to a different, more fresh point of view, companies like Com-Pass may find additional bugs and suggest important changes that were not considered before by your own team, which experiences the app everyday.


What we can do for you?

At Com-Pass, we offer all of the most important methods of functional testing. This includes:

SMOKE TESTING - Checks if it is possible to run the app and use it’s interface and main functions. Incredibly important just before the release of the product.

SANITY TESTING - Focused especially on testing the recent changes in the app’s code. It is run throughout the whole development process.

EXPLORATORY TESTING - Makes a use of tester’s own experience and knowledge, allowing him to explore the product using different approaches and to potentially find previously unencountered bugs.


We are especially experienced in the video games QA testing, and we would happy to share with you our extensive experience which derives from our previous work on both indie and triple A products.

Are you not sure what kind of testing your product may need? We will gladly discuss it with you and advise the best choice.

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