What is QA Compatibility?


QA Compatibility tests allow to make sure that your app or video game will run well on various devices based on different operating systems and hardware peripherals (e.g. graphics cards). It is especially important in the PC games industry, as it’s customers often modify their computers in order to achieve the best performance.


How do compatibility tests work?


QA Compatibility tests may focus on different aspects of the computer world diversity. Depending on app’s functions and target groups, the testers may pay greater attention to differences in:

HARDWARE PERIPHERALS - Incredibly important if you are a developer of a PC-focused app or game. Due to a great number of producers, as well as series of the peripherals, your programme may run differently on your company’s computers and those of your future customers. 

OPERATING SYSTEM (OS) - Recently, more and more developers are trying to adjust their apps and games to be playable not only on Windows, but also on Apple’s macOS and Linux. This requires additional compatibility tests, run on all three systems.

MOBILE DEVICES - Similarly as the PC market, the one of mobiles is also full of various devices built of different peripherals. While launching an app on iOS may be easy, releasing one for a much more customisable Android requires more tests and fixes. 

BROWSERS - Did you know that over 10 percent of internet users still access their favourite websites with Internet Explorer, a browser no longer supported even by it’s creators, Microsoft? With this in mind, it is easier to understand how relevant is compatibility testing run on different versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and more. If you are a developer of a web based app or game, browsers QA is something you need to remember about.


QA Compatibility at Com-Pass


We offer extensive compatibility tests, making a use of our extensive hardware base. At Com-Pass, we managed to collect the most commonly used CPUs, GPUs, and more, from the top-notch producers like Intel, AMD, and Nvidia. We can also help you determine the minimum and recommended specifications for your PC games and apps.

In order to discuss what QA compatibility tests your product may require, feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.