QA Customer Service


Although when speaking about QA one means usually software or hardware related tests, quality assurance goes well beyond that. Think about the three main elements of the QA evaluation. These are:




Taking them into consideration, it is easier to understand the value of quality assurance’s influence on your customer service.


Enrich your customer service with quality assurance


QA tests can be implemented in regards to different elements of the customer service. Whether you are focusing on e-mails, call centre, or video chats, they all can be reviewed and assessed by a QA team.

The main aim of these kind of tests is to review how well your company’s customer service responds to the customers needs. The evaluation can be done in a number of ways, including pretending to be a customer and secretly contacting your client department, as well as reviewing your previously gathered material (e.g. audio and video recordings, e-mails).

The tests can also assess the quality of your chatbots and improve their responsiveness. As the recent data shows , 52 percent of Millennials tend to prefer AI-based customer service, rather than talking to real humans. As this trend grows, it is important not only to automise the way of sustaining the contact with your client, but also to make sure that this process will not lower the quality of your clients’ experience.


The QA Customer Service boost


Thanks to our team’s previous experience in different areas of quality assurance, we believe we would be the best choice to help you in perfecting your customer service. Choosing an external team for this job is an ideal way to bring some fresh ideas to the table.

We can help you in a number of ways, from helping you to automise your e-mail communication, to introducing new ways of maintaining the best quality of your AI-based customer service.

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