What is QA?


Quality assurance (QA) is a process of confirming that the product that is soon to be delivered to the customers, is meeting their expectations. During the process, the team designated to it is running a great number of tests in order to detect any mistakes that could have been accidentally done by the developers.


Video Games QA

Quality assurance is especially important in the video games industry. Because of the complexity of the development process, video games are especially at risk of ending up full of bugs. While updating the code with patches after the product has already been released is a common practice nowadays, the community’s and journalists’ response to your fresh release may be worse if they experience a glitched and bugged game.

That is why video games QA is so important on different stages of the game development process. It is recommended to run separate tests both while the game is still in-progress as well as after it has already been released. If you are releasing a new patch to fix your product, it is also important to let the QA team experience it first, as the code you might want to implement, may introduce new, unexpected bugs and glitches.


Our Methods


The complexity of video games development enforces a number of different QA testing approaches that need to be considered. Among the ones that our team at Com-Pass offers, you can find:

QA FUNCTIONALITY - The most common form of video game testing. It involves playing the actual product by the tester whose main objective is to look for bugs and glitches.

QA COMPATIBILITY - Incredibly important in the PC video games industry. Because of different hardware that each computer runs on, the QA team uses a number of differently modified PCs in order to evaluate the product’s performance.

QA VR - As the virtual reality goggles are still a relatively new and booming product, dedicated apps that are being developed for them need a special QA care. Fortunately, our team has a broad experience with this revolutionary hardware and would be happy to assist you with delivering a perfect product.

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